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"Real-Time" Time Clock on Your Mobile Phone

Do you have projects or clients you bill by the hour? Or maybe you want to get a better handle on how you and your employees are spending your time?  PBT's Time Clock tool allows you and your employees to keep better track of your billable time quickly and easily on your mobile phone.  Time entered using the time clock is just a few clicks away from becoming an invoice, no need to reenter it by hand.

Multi-Stopwatch Tool

Run as many stopwatches as you need, time projects and tasks simultaneously! Excellent for timing multiple projects, phone calls, expermint processes. Simply create as many stopwatches as you need and give each a unique name of your choosing. Every stopwatch you create comes with it's own controls: Start, Pause, Resume and Reset. You can time events as short as a few seconds to years! Easily transfer accumulated time to your time logs for easy invoicing of your clients.

Easy-to-Use Time Tracking Tool

When you leave for that appointment, just pull out your mobile phone, select the customer or to-do list to charge time to, chooses the service type and enter any notes you wish, click the “start clock” link and go to work.  When you leave your appointment just pull up the time clock, and update the notes to help identify the work preformed and click the “stop clock” link.  You can start the clock on your computer web browser and stop the clock on your mobile phone, you are not tied down to one computer or location to track you time from.  Keeping track of all your billable time has never been easier.  Losing money on forgotten time charges is a thing of the past.  You’ll be amazed at how many more hours you bill when you use PBT's Time Clock. 

No Syncing Necessary

Because we use the web browser on your mobile phone,  there is absolutely no syncing required.  Entering time data on the mobile phone is no different that in a desktop browser.  PBT has two very specific versions of our software so it is easy to use your desktop or your mobile phone.  But the data is all stored in the same place.  PBT is truely a single entry solution.

With PBT Your Mobile Phone Becomes a Powerful Business Tool

Because we have both a desktop version and a mobile phone version, your mobile phone becomes a powerful mini computer.  With PBT, you have the same powerful functionality from both places.


Web-based Time Logs

The time log let you review time entered through the time clock, add time you didn’t track with the time clock and update notes with more complete information.

While the time log defaults to showing only the uninvoiced time, you can also see the history by checking the “Show All” box near the top of the page.

Another great benefit of tracking your time this way is the easy job PBT makes of invoicing. We talk more about that on the invoicing page, but simply said, in just a few clicks invoices can be created for all of your unbilled time.

There is also a company time log tool that will allow you to see and adjust time for all your employees.

Easy-to-Use Time Log Tool

By selecting the time log tool from the personal tools menu you will be shown all uninvoiced time you have been accumulating starting with the most recent entry at the top.

To edit a time entry simply click the ">>" link and you will be able to adjust the hours and edit the notes.
When the "Convert Time Logs" link is selected from the invoicing tool the notes you have entered will be automatically transferred to the invoice, the price for the service item will be entered on the invoice along with the hours worked.

Personal Time Log VS. Company Time Log

Each individual user gets their own personal time log.  But there is also a time log tool on the company tools menu.  With the company time log, a supervisor can review all time records from all users before creating invoices from the time logs.  Changes, additions, and deletions for all users can occur from the company time log for all uninvoiced times.

PBT's Time Tracking Tools Are Invaluable

For companies of all sizes, these web based time tracking tools are invaluable. The payback on usage is only a fraction of an hour of additional billable time each month.  Consistant usage will yield hours of previously unbilled time.  All profit!
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