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To Do Lists & Projects.

Need to collaborate with clients on their projects?
Want project management that's actually integrated with
the billing and CRM systems?

Your solution is here.
Chances are, if you need it,
we can do it.
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Keep Better Track of Projects

Need to keep better track of your client projects?  No problem. 
Set up the to do list and share it with your co-workers.
Need to keep track of that honey do list?  No problem, just make it personal. 

Versatile and Easy to Use

PBT has a versatile and easy to use project/to do list tool.  Unlimited tasks can be added to any to do list.  Tasks can be dated and or prioritized.  There is a status column on the tasks page that uses color to quickly show you whether you are past due, on target or not started.  

Beautiful Reports

There is a great report for a single list, or you can get a “hot list” with all your red colored from across all to do lists.  There is even a Gantt chart for seeing where you are at a glance.

Use From Your Mobile Phone or Desktop Browser

The PBT To Do List tool can be used from your desktop browser or your cell phone.  Like all our tools, whatever you enter from your cell phone is immediately on the desktop version.  So tracking projects on the go just became a breeze.  You can collaborate with your clients as well.  With our client access module, your clients can also make updates to the list and add items.  To Do Lists can be personal or you can give access to whatever users and clients you wish.   Track percentage complete, easily change priorities, and mark tasks complete with a simple click of the mouse.  Now that’s power.  That’s PBT.

Integrated Time Tracking

Once you set up a project, PBT users can easily use the time clock tool to track time to the project.  Know exactly how many hours have been spent on each task.  All times charged to projects can quickly and easily be invoiced.  Now there's an idea, actually integrate projects and billing.

All Projects Visible in the Customer Care Center

Like everything else in PBT that is related to a customer, you can see all a customers projects and progress right from their record in the Customer Care Center.  See what projects are complete, what progress you've made on others--all in one place. This PBT thing is sounding pretty good.

Allow Customer/Client Access

Collaberating with your customers on projects is easy with PBT.  Once they set up their client account, you simply add them as a participant on the project.  They can see the whole thing.  They can add tasks.  They can make comments.

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