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Subscription Billing.  Wish your software would just do your invoicing for you?  Look no further!  Bill any item or service at any frequency.  You can even invoice your billable service hours automatically. Pocket Business Tools will email the invoices while you sleep.  And no, this is not a dream.  Truely magic. Mobile Invoicing.  Wish you could do more with that important looking iPhone? Something cool like "run your business."  Well, we have the tool for you.  With Pocket Business Tools you can quickly generate invoices and estimates and immediately send a pdf copy to your customer for payment. Double wow! "Big Company" CRM.  You know how when you call the phone or gas company-they seem to know everything about you?  Every invoice, payment, and conversation they've ever had with you?  Welcome to Pocket Business Tools's "big company" style CRM.  Everything about every customer, in one place.  Wow.  Now you can know it all, too.
Accept Credit Cards.  Hate paying credit card gateway fees? So do we. That's why we created our own gateway.  Your clients can easily pay their invoices by clicking the "Pay Now" link on the emailed invoices.  You can accept cards on the spot right from your phone.  For the same money you can now have a complete business management system. Time Clock/TimeLog/ Multi-Stopwatch.  How would it be to have a time clock on your mobile phone that had real-time integration to your billing and project management system?  How do you spell "can I sign up now?"  (Answer: PBT)  When you combine the time clock with automatic invoicing, suddenly you have time to do what you do best: Make Money! Simple, Complete, Double Entry Accounting.  Tired of having to send your accounting "file" to your account?  We agree.  Pocket Business Tools lets you give your accountant anytime access to your books.  He can even use his mobile phone to make updates while riding the lift to the top of powder mountain.  "Are you serious?"
Access Your Contacts From Anywhere.  Would you like to have a single place to put your contacts without spending a zillion dollars on Exchange Server?  Now you can have the same contacts on your mobile phone as you do on your desktop.  No syncing, no being out of sync.  Enter them from your mobile phone or your desktop browser.  It's all the same.  "Amazing!" To Do Lists & Projects.  Would you like to collaborate with clients on projects?  Pocket Business Tools has a complete To Do List/Project Tracking system built right in.  Giving clients access to specific project is a snap.  Real time collaboration is a breeze.  You can also easily bill time to projects. Track Expenses and Mileage. Wouldn't it be nice to enter your expences just once--directly into the corporate reimbursement system?  Pocket Business Tools lets you do just that.  Quick and easy--right from your mobile phone. 
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