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Expence & Mileage Tracking
From Your Mobile Phone.

Wouldn't it be nice to enter your expences just once--
Directly into the reimbursement system--
from your mobile phone?  PBT--it's so 2010ish.

Your solution is here.
Chances are, if you need it,
we can do it.
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Flexible, Easy Expense Tracking

Pocket Business Tools's expense tracking system is simple and easy to use.  You can track personal expenses.  It also allows you and your staff to keep track of expenses related to a variety of tasks.

Multiple Expense Sheets for Powerful Tracking

Each user can have multiple open expense sheets open at one time, each tracking expenses for different projects or trips. Users can record items purchased or mileage and can identify if they are reimbursable or not.

Linked To Your Accounting

The expense categories directly link to your chart of accounts so once the sheet is submitted your accounting is done.  You can easily create new expense category by entering them into your chart of accounts and designating they should show as expense sheet choices.

Track Mileage as Well as Reimburseable Expenses

When you add an item to an expense sheet, you choose whether to add a mileage entry or a regular expense entry.  Any sheet can track both.  This makes it perfect for individuals who track expenses on trips for reimbursement.  Drive 253 miles? Enter it.  Stop for lunch? Enter.  Pocket Business Tools--it's easy.

Great For Your Employees

Employees will enjoy using the expese sheets as they keep a running total of the amount to be reimbursed to them and having the ability to enter the data right at the point of purchase keeps expense reporting accurate and easy.


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