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Customer Resource Management.

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All your customer data.  In one place.

In Pocket Business Tools, we call it the "Customer Care Center."  Easily search for a customer.  Click on the >> link to open them up.  Looking for one of their invoices?  It's in there.  Want to see their payments? They're there, too.  Are they calling about an estimate you did for them?  Yup--just click on the estimates tab.  Unlimited contact methods, addresses, and notes as well.

Keep track of everything they've said to you and visa versa.

Pocket Business Tools's Customer Notes are the perfect place to record details of every conversation.  Are they calling to complain about the technician you sent out last time? Need to give them instructions on how to handle a computer virus?  Be verbose.  Unlimited notes.  Make sure you get it in writing.  Every note has a date and time stamp so you always know when it happened.

Unlimited contact methods and addresses.

Tired of being limited by software? With Pocket Business Tools you can put in any method of contact you can imagine.  Need to keep track of three email address? No problem.  Phone, fax, email, mobile, home, work, other, home office, emergency, MSN, AOL, ICQ, and more.  Load them in.  Pocket Business Tools will take them all. And still have room for more.

PBT offers amazing features and expandability.  Never before has such a feature rich web application been available for such a low monthly price.
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