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The scam is over.

Has getting a credit card merchant account seemed like a scam to you, too?  Or are we the only ones who think so?  "You want how much for a sign up fee?"  "You want how much to use your gateway software?"  "I have to be in a contract until my firstborn is how old?" 

At Pocket Business Tools, we wanted to put an end to the merchant account rip off.  So we wrote our own gateway that works perfectly with  Pocket Business Tools.  The gateway in included with your Pocket Business Tools account at no extra charge.  The merchant account has a $25 signup fee and a $5/month account maintenance fee.  No contract. Goodbye scam, hello Pocket Business Tools.

Credit cards the easy way.

Take credit card payments from your mobile phone or desktop browser.  Or, let your customers click on the "paylink" on their invoice. Either way, in Pocket Business Tools, taking credit cards is easy.  To accept credit card payments in PBT using our free gateway you will need to have an Elavon/Nova merchant account. If you do not have one, it's easy to get.  Just click on the Merchant Application link below.

If you prefer to use your AuthorizeNet account, Pocket Business Tools can be configured to process the charges that way as well providing you with a mobile phone interface to your AuthorizeNet account.

Either way you choose you're on the road to simplifying your business with Pocket Business Tools.  .

Pocket Business Tools and Capital Q Payment Solutions.

Pocket Business Tools has developed it's credit card interface to work directly with Elavon's processing system, by doing this we can provide you with a credit card gateway for FREE, it's included with your basic Pocket Business Tools service.

If your current merchant account is on the Elavon network (formerly NOVA Information Systems) then you are all set. That's great news for you!

(To get even more great news give Capital Q a call at 800.887.6227 and see if they can help you reduce your current fees and save even more.)

If you're in need of a merchant account, we have teamed up with Capital Q Payment Solutions to get your business set up with great pricing. It's great news for you, because Capital Q, will provide True Interchange Pass Thru pricing.

Interchange is that portion of the Discount Rate that all processors must collect and pay to the issuing bank, while Assessments are the portion of the discount rate that is paid to Visa®, Discover® & MasterCard®. Collectively they are referred to as I&A.

Essentially I&A represents the wholesale cost for the processing industry. Regardless of the processor's size, I&A must be paid.

What this means in English, is that Capital Q's margin is constant across all the various rates billed by Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® for the different card types; check debit, regular credit, rewards and business cards.

Capital Q does not have any of the following fees:
  • Statement Fees
  • Batch Header
  • Settlement
  • Customer Service
  • Merchant Club
  • Termination Fee

    Capital Q will take the time to educate you on Interchange and the best processing methods to qualify for the best rate available. Capital Q doesn't try to hide anything. There are No Pricing Games, No Hidden Fees, and No Surprises.

    To get started just download the Capital Q Merchant Application and for just a $25.00 setup fee and a $5.00 per month account maintenance fee to keep your account active, you'll quickly be ready to accept Visa®, Discover®, MasterCard® and American Express® transactions through your Pocket Business Tools credit card interface.

    Merchant Application

    Terms Of Service

    Questions? Call Capital Q 800.887.6227

    Capital Q is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered MSP/ISO for
    US Bank Minneapolis, MN.
    Get your Free account Today. Don't wait another minute!
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