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Pocket Business Tools. The No Sync Contacts Solution

Tired of having different lists of contacts being out of sync?  Now you can get rid of them all.  No more outlook.  No more rolodex.  PBT lets you input contacts once and then gives you the ability to see them from your cell phone, or your desktop.  And you can share them if you wish, so others companywide can see them as well.


Let’s talk about power: Unlimited contact methods.  Do they have ten phone numbers and five email addresses? No problem.  Pocket Business Tools can store unlimited addresses as well.  Home, work, ship to, bill to, emergency?  If they’ve got an address you can add it in—unlimited.  How about notes?  Would you like to automatically date and timestamp any and every note you enter about this contact?  Done.

Public & Private Lists

Another powerful feature of Pocket Business Tools's contact manager is the ability to create user groups and then share a contact with a group.  This allows personal, public and group lists.  But don't worry, you never have to select a group to see.  If you have rights to see the contact, it just shows up.  Kind of like magic ;)


Would you like to see a list of all your pumbers, programmers, doctors, or whatever?  No problem.  PBT allows a single contact to have unlimited tags.  You better read that last sentence again.  No other software has this feature.  It's amazing.  Just select a tag and the list limits to just those contacts.

Any mobile phone with a web browser will do.
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