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Invoicing and Accounts Receivable.   Full invoicing and accounts receivable is available in Pocket Business Tools.  Remember, you can run Pocket Business Tools from your desktop browser or your mobile phone.  Also we do amazing subscription billing for all your repetative billing needs. Bill Entry and Accounts Payable.   Enter and pay all your bills in Pocket Business Tools.  Set up your vendors with terms and reports will show you what is due and when.  Pay bills by the discount date and Pocket Business Tools will automatically take the discount for you. Check Writing and Cash Disbursements.   Write checks for bills in the bill paying system or ad-hoc single checks.  Check amounts can be split to multiple accounts for accounting purposes.
Customer Payments and Cash Receipts.   Receiving a payment in PBT is quick and easy.  Select a customer and enter the payment amount.  All their invoices show up and you simply pick the ones they are paying from the list. Full General Journal and Financial Statements.   Part of the magic of Pocket Business Tools is the nearly invisible double entry accounting system.  And while we keep you balanced at all times, you can put in all the general journal entries you wish.  PBT prints all standard month end accounting reports. Kitable Items/Inventory File With 10 Level Pricing.   Selling kitted items has been reserved for the pricey accounting packages in the past.  Now with Pocket Business Tools, you'll be in kit heaven.  Group any number of items you want.  Also, you can use up to 10 pricing levels on each item.  Powerful!
Sales Tax.   It's bad enough that we have to be tax collectors for the government.  Thank goodness for Pocket Business Tools.  It makes calculating and reporting sales tax a breeze.        
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